Vote Helm.

For Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections.

Our Vision for a Better Pinellas.

We will work together, proudly united as one. Our goal is to protect the greatest form of democracy: the access and right to vote. Together, we’re part of something larger and can stand up and protect the rights of our community.

Ensure every voice is heard.

In these uncertain times we are living, I’m stepping up to be a public servant. I’m a lawyer and I want to see three things happen for elections in Pinellas:


Follow the Law



Access to the Polls by Expanding Early Voting


Access to the Ballot by Expanding Vote-By-Mail

Let’s Work Together.

“I am running for Supervisor of Elections to establish a better, more inclusive voting experience for our community, Pinellas County.” – Dan Helm

Each of us can make a difference if we commit ourselves to do so. Let's get started and make a difference together