I want to keep Orange County S.A.F.E.

In these uncertain times we are living, I’m stepping up to be a public servant. I’m a lawyer and I want to see four things happen for elections in Orange County.


From threats

From Threats of Cyber Attacks

We are well aware that our democracy is under threat from external forces that seek to harm our electoral institutions; as your Supervisor of Elections, Dan will work to ensure that Orange County elections are protected from any cybersecurity threats and will make the elections process transparent to the community.

From Threats of Election disruption

Dan’s candidacy is driven by ensuring that Orange County voters freedoms are protected and their ability to choose representation isn’t impeded. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and Dan believes in fair, accessible elections for all voters.

From Threats of Hurricanes

Growing up in Florida, we all are familiar with hurricane season, and this hurricane season is supposed to be particularly bad. Dan knows that being prepared for a big storm is part of the SOE’s job. Having a plan for hurricanes is like having a plan for running elections. In the face of a hurricane, Dan will be prepared, create redundancies, protect people, and secure the vote.

From Threats of Voter Intimidation

As a former Deputy Regional Director for Voter Protection, Dan has expert-level knowledge of voters rights and knows how to stop voter intimidation; he has trained hundreds of lawyers and volunteers in election law, managed polling locations across 13 different counties in Florida, and successfully sued for Election Law Violations in 2018 as a private citizen. As a professionally-trained lawyer, Dan has the knowledge and necessary skills to defend voters in Orange County.



Keep Early Voting Active

Orange County is the one of the best in the state for Early Voting. Dan knows that we must expand early voting to maximize voters opportunities to go to the polls.

Postage Paid for Vote By Mail ballots

No more looking for a stamp in Orange County. Dan is ready to promise universal paid postage on all vote by mail ballots.

Online Voter registration

Dan believes that voting should be easy, accessible, and safe, and part of that process includes registration. As your Supervisor of Elections, Dan will introduce online voter registration to make the process of joining the voter rolls easy and accessible from home.

Voter information and education

Dan believes in a well-educated electorate; once elected, he will be updating the Supervisor of Elections website to make it as accessible and navigable as possible to avoid any confusion around elections in Orange County.

Compliance with ADA

Dan believes that all eligible voters should have access to the ballot, and will run an SOE that respects and fully complies with ADA guidelines.



Follow the law

Dan’s experience in both voter protection work, and as a lawyer have prepared him to follow, defend and challenge the law to protect voters. Dan successfully sued a supervisor of elections in 2018 for election law violations and forced elected officials to follow Florida election law. As your Supervisor of Elections, Dan will follow the state election code, public record laws, and federal law as it was written.

Transparent process

Dan believes that a transparent process is vital to a healthy democracy. Dan wants to make Orange the leader in transparent elections, advocating for not only saving digital ballot images that are automatically created by the voting machines, but also by posting the ballot images like Wisconsin does to let voters do their own audits and verifications

Open Communication

Dan knows that for a democracy to function, there must be open avenues of communication between county residents and their elected officials, who work for the people. Once elected, Dan will implement an updated, working website full of information, as well as a working social site full of outreach to stay in contact with voters and hear their concerns.


Every vote counts

Each of us can make a difference if we commit ourselves to do so. Let’s get started and make a difference together.

Teamwork makes the dream work! Let us all work together to protect your vote