Meet Dan Helm.

Let’s work together to ensure everyone has their voice heard. In these uncertain times we are living, I’m stepping up to be a public servant.

Qualified and Ready to Protect Your Vote.

Dan’s adult-life has been spent supporting and tackling issues that matter to not only himself but his community. As a professionally-trained lawyer, Dan has the knowledge and necessary skills to defend and challenge the rule of law.

Deputy Regional Director for Voter Protection in Central Florida

  • Trained hundreds of lawyers and volunteers in election law
  • Managed and assigned workers to polling locations across 13 different counties in Florida
  • Interacted with multiple Supervisors of Elections to protect the right to vote

Florida Bar Lawyer

  • Focusing on Election Law Issues and pro-bono matters
  • Successfully Sued for Election Law Violations in 2018 as a private citizen

Emory University School Of Law

  • Law Clerk to Administrative Judge
  • Law Clerk to Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights
  • Law Clerk to ACLU National Security / Immigrants’ Rights Project
  • Law Clerk to Florida 11th Judicial Circuit Judge

University of Florida

  • Bachelor of Arts – magna cum laude Political Science & Classical Studies
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key, Consistent Dean’s List recipient
  • Minor in Global Environment and Resource Program
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Deep Voting Rights Roots

Dan Helm grew up in family of public servants. Dan’s grandfather was Assistant General Manager for the Atomic Energy Commission working with Oppenheimer and others. Dan’s father was a loyal public servant with the Department of Labor, Office of the Solicitor.

Dan attended local public schools and graduated from Lakewood High School. As a competitive soccer and chess player, Dan traveled all over Florida participating in competitive sports. He learned at a young age a love of games, but also a deep appreciation of the rules. Dan co-founded the debate club at Lakewood High School and became increasingly passionate about the Constitution and voting rights issues.

Dan attended the University of Florida in Gainesville. Dan was active in Gainesville in voting issues, including personally registering many voters. While there, Dan met the love of his life: Rose.

After graduation from the University of Florida, Dan attended Emory Law School. Dan came to understand that the right to vote is what ultimately protects every other right we have. It is paramount that we have a process that protects voters rights.

After law school, Dan worked on Voter Protection issues in Central Florida in 2016. It was an eye opener!

Dan successfully sued a supervisor of elections 2018 for election law violations and forced elected officials to follow Florida election law.

Dan worked professionally for a large fortune 500 company for over ten years, before starting practice as a sole practitioner lawyer in 2021. Dan and Rose married in January 2020.  Rose is a practicing Physician Associate. They bought their first home in downtown Orlando. They have two lovely and spoiled rescue dogs, Mithra and Juno. Dan and Rose welcomed Charles, their first born son, in 2022.

 I want to keep Orange County S.A.F.E.

In these uncertain times we are living, I’m stepping up to be a public servant. I’m a lawyer and I want to see four things happen for elections in Orange:


From threats






Every vote counts

Let’s Work Together.

“I am running for Supervisor of Elections to establish a better, more inclusive voting experience for our community, Orange County.” – Dan Helm

Each of us can make a difference if we commit ourselves to do so. Let's get started and make a difference together